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The Maximus Arcade Story

We are excited to announce continued future development and some exciting new partnerships with a super-cool Pittsburgh-based design company. 


Maximus Arcade was created by Lance Endres  in response to frustrations with open-source classic game and emulator software for playing classic games.  

Noticing the growing demand for access to classic games and game systems from the 70's, 80's and 90's, Lance set out to create the easiest-to-use software for managing classic games and classic game system emulators. One simple to learn and use piece of software to manage and play thousands of games.

Maximus Arcade was born as an iTunes-style solution for managing classic games from the entire gauntlet of gaming systems of the past 30 years, with the ability to play nearly any game from the history of both video game console systems AND arcade machine games.  

But while the community of hobbyists  driving the retro-gaming community were satisfied with command-line and difficult to program software, Lance felt playing classic games should be easy enough for a child to setup and play.  So Maximus Arcade as a product would focus on one premise:

Maximus Arcade: It should be easy enough for a child to control and play thousands of games.

By focusing on making the software usable by a child, Maximus Arcade has become the most accessible way to play thousands of games from nearly any game system or arcade machine--all from a single computer! 

With the success of Maximus Arcade, in 2013, the product management team has  been expanded to features 3 arcade enthusiasts and experts with over 25 years of experience in the arcade and gaming industry.

Technical Support

Technical support for Maximus Arcade is provided via the forums, so if you need help, please search the forums first and if no solution is provided, you can post a question for us to answer.  This way all problems and solutions are shared with the entire community.   No phone support is provided for the software. 


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