Maximus Arcade Themes

The most recent versions of the Maximus Arcadius and Maximus Sunrise themes are automatically included in the latest download of Maximus Arcade.

You can see the forum postings about themes here.

Now Available: Hyperspace (Free Download)

One of the best themes created for Maximus Arcade,  Hyperspace HD, has now been made available for free download!  It was previously available as a $5 purchase, but special thanks to the hard work and generosity of Jason Ross!   Check out the great demo below and try it out.  Make sure to follow the technical support/setup section!  No support available!

Download Here 166MB
Technical Support/Setup For Hyperspace Theme

Forum post for Hyperspace Theme


Maximus Arcade Themes


Description/Download Author Version Works With
Maximus Arcadius  mameseer 2.0 MA v2.07-2.09
Maximus Sunrise mameseer 2.0 MA v2.07-2.09
Pac-Bomb Gamestation doubt 1.0 MA v2.07-2.09
Maximus Acidus DeLuSioNaL's Ultra Arcade DeLuSioNaL 1.0 MA v2.07-2.09
DeLuSioNaL's Ultra Arcade DeLuSioNaL 2.0 MA v2.07-2.09
Project MAME Project MAME  Koenig 1.2 MA v2.07-2.09
Weecade Rasmus Sorensen 1.0 MA v2.07-2.09
Maximus Powers Trennel 1.0 MA v2.07-2.09

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